Struggling to have sex with my partner (he s too big and curved)?

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by secretpineapple, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. secretpineapple

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    Hi! I have only been able to have sex with my partner several times, and he s only ever been able to get a few inches inside of me (twice was in missionary, once with me on top, and once with doggy style). There have been two times where it just hasn t worked, but every time we ve had sex, it has been difficult and taken us a while to figure it out and get it in.
    There seems to be two contributing factors in this matter: 1) His penis is very big, and I have a hard time fitting it inside of me. 2) His penis is curved down, so it is difficult to insert.
    If his penis comes out while we are having sex, it is difficult to get back in. There is definitely enough lubricant used.
    What can I do to make this work? What can we both do? Open to any suggestions. This has been frustrating for us both, and I m concerned it will negatively effect our time together. I ve never had this problem with anyone else, and he hasn t either. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Trish Maine

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    that is very easy, the problem is that missionary with both him or you on top or doggy style are positions mostly meant for deep penetration. they can make small guys or average feel deeper and bigger, what about if the guy is already gifted?the solution is to control the depth of penetration, and keep him the hell away from your cervix. Here is one of the ways to comfortably enjoy all his glory.
    Lie on top of him on your back and have him enter you from behind. This position has a semi-awkward angle that keeps him from hitting you too deep, but still strokes the sensitive top side of your vagina. Even better: lube your upper thighs so they stimulate his shaft with every thrust. He also has direct access to finger your clit from here, which is always a bonus. check image below.
    Note you can also get this book which has more that 100 sex positions where you will get lots of positions good for taking guys who are gifted without feeling any pain
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    My penis is a bit big and my girlfriend initially seems to be having a hard time having sex, but at the moment everything is great.

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