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    So I'm an Aries and he's a Taurus. We've known each other online for about a year. We've met four times and been alone twice (he lives 50 minutes apart from me). I've read a lot and found out and realized that he would want to take things slow. Our relationship has been getting better since August, we've been getting closer and closer. I can see that he's more into touching and I'm more into words. He has said in the past that he adored me though.
    The last time we were together he was touching my hands, he wanted to hold my backpack and he wanted to have lunch in the same place as me. "You decide", he said, when we were choosing where to eat and what movie to watch. He told me to hug him because it was really cold that day. He called me to find out if I came home safe.
    We voice chat a lot and he has said that he likes my voice. When he's upset he says it's okay and that I'm not bothering him by texting him, even though I feel I am. The thing is sometimes he texts "differently" and you know it's hard to say by text if someone feels anything unless they express it, right? I've tried telling him I like him indirectly, "You know I have something to tell you, tell me you haven't realized it yet." to what he answer "Okay" and went to sleep. The next day we talked for more than five hours straight, we're talked indirectly about love and our friends realize there's something between us.
    I'm asking for help on what I should do and how I should do it, since he's shy and I'm shy as well and I think we've both showed signs to each other, and talking from myself, I'm just scared to tell him explicitly I like him.

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