The girl I'm interested in can't speak English... I need HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by humbleman555, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. humbleman555

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    There’s this girl I’m interested in, I met her through A Foreign Affair,

    she’s from Bangkok, Thailand and she barely speaks English.

    The services of AFA has provided a free translator and have been translating for us.

    When we had our first call it was a bit awkward… but she’s still someone I’m interested in.

    I’m just a bit worried about how genuine her words really are.

    Let’s be honest, translations aren’t as accurate as we want them to be. So, now I am thorn.

    I want to know more about her because she seems to be a real sweetheart but at the same time,

    I can’t be completely sure about how we will be able to talk to each other,

    especially when things work out between us. What should I do? I really need some advice and help!!!

    Should I still continue and try my luck with her? Advice please!
  2. drsky

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    Hello there,
    If you are interested, then take a chance. Cuz one never knows what may click. She can learn english and you can learn her language in no time. Even cell phones / google has help with translations, if you really want to take a step ahead.
    Just see how it goes.


    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that
    positive karma/action will bring love into your life.

    wish the best
    Dr Sky

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