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    I didn't know where to post this on the forum so I went with here sorry if I put it in the wrong spot Ok so here's my story I'm 28 and still a virgin.I've always been very interested in sex and have a high sex drive but lack confidence. I was a bit of a late bloomer and was too awkward in high school to really connect with girls. It wasn't until I was 20 that I had my first girlfriend, I was so excited she was a cute little redhead who I shared multiple interests with, but as it turned out she also had a lot of self esteem issues that no matter what I said I couldn't help, she also saw shame in any sexual feeling she had, we fooled around 2 or 3 times in 3 months and didn't make out much more than that. I eventually ended the relationship when I realized it just wasn't working out. This relationship was not good and damaged my confidence.

    I then went to college where I struggled with shyness and confidence and had trouble approaching girls. I had a chance to get laid at 22 but I just wasn't interested in the girl, and I never wanted to lose it to someone I didn't find attractive. I continued to struggle through college never being able to really put myself out there enough.

    After graduating I began to date a bit more but it still just wasn't happening. I have a tendency to be too passive or come on too strong. Eventually I had a chance to sleep with a friend from college she offered to take my virginity. But number one I didn't find her all that attractive. And two she was in love with me and had been for a while, I think she figured if we did it I'd fall for her, and I knew I wouldn't and couldn't do that to her.

    I then got another girlfriend (my friends sister) but again it turned out she had serious issues with intimacy both physical and emotional, we fooled around a few times in 4-5 months together, and we both ealized it wasn't going to work. I wanted sex, she had little to no interest in it or at least issues with it.

    I know both girls were NOT cheating on me and getting it somewhere else (people have suggested so to me but I knew both well enough to know that wasn't the case) they just had intimacy issues. And I didn't want to pressure them into something they didn't want to do

    I feel now like it's never going to happen, and I really want it to. I feel like I'm too old to lose it and even if I will never get to feel fulfilled like I'm too old to find a girl who loves sex and that's what I feel like I need.

    I've made out with a bunch of girls but I've just never had the guts to make the moves (too passive) or came on too strong.

    I'm told I'm reasonably good looking.

    Am I destined to be a virgin forever? Will I ever feel sexually satisfied?
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