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Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by Projectmatt, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I have been dating this girl for 8 months we both are in love with each other well i know i still love her well christmas eve morning she broke up with me but she said she still wanted me to come to her family gathering so i went after we went back to my house and just layed in bed holding eachother she said she still loved me and just needed time to get her head rite and get her life straigtend out that she felt like she did not deserve me and soon would not have time for me cause she is about to start back to college plus has to work 2 full time jobs that she would be rite for me one day then christmas day she called and asked me to come over and get her so we could go out to eat now she is telling me to not wait for her that she dont want me to waist my life waiting for her cause she dont know what she wants that she is not happy and thinking about moving back home after school i told her i would move on if she told me that she did not want to be with me and that she dont love me but she wont say it she just stopped texting back after that i have to see her everynite cause we work together and she acts all nice around me and still wants to go to lunch together but she has not said anything else about it still has not gave me a answer what should i do also 2 days before we broke up she told me that i was stuck with her that i was never gonna be able to get rid of her that i was the most amazing boyfriend she ever had i treated her better than anyone ever has
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    Wow, that is pretty much unreadable. She's a college girl. She probably wants a guy that can use punctuation.
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    She is a college girl . She is in school for nursing . I am studying to be a computer tech .
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    So if you are in love and you are the best boyfriend ever, why did she break up with you?

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