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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by steph84, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. steph84

    steph84 New Member

    I met someone online and we have been talking for about three months now. He has already told me that he loves me and we are planning on seeing each other next month. Things are great for the most part until last night I asked him for his address so I could send him a Christmas card and he just told me to bring it up with me when I visit him. I asked him why I couldn't just mail it and he said he is afraid I'll just show up at his house unannounced. How could he possibly I love you when he doesn't trust me with his address? Am I just blowing this out of proportion? Is he just trying to be safe online?
  2. eve

    eve New Member

    nope, that is rude and odd, what he said. if he really loved you he'd be over the moon if you jut showed up at his door unannounced....
    be careful please, maybe he is some kind of lier, sociopath, with many kids and a freakishly strong wife....or do sociopaths stay single??

    anyway, you are not overreacting, if he really cared, he's be like praying to african dieties to inspire you to google map his butt and show up and have a cupper of xmas coco wt him... BE CAREFUL!

    if he wanted to be safe, he can stop dating altogether, coz nobody knows when they meet a psycho, on or offline...and he says he wants to meet up and very soon, but he still doesn't' want you to drop by unannounced, WIERDO....

    no matter if i even didn't have my own place anymore at any time and crashed at my parents home, all of my offline or online friends knew they can always come by, and i'll scrape up a mug of hot coco....

    that guy is up to something hun, BE CAREFUL...
    there is a lot of WIERDOS out there
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  3. Igetitnow

    Igetitnow New Member

    Online dating is stupid. Just do what is worthwhile. Dating isn't worthwhile.
  4. Confuzzled

    Confuzzled New Member

    That sounds like someone married honestly, I hope its not! I met a woman in montana who was exstatic about me coming to visit her, When I got there the address was a nicer motel, That was when she let the ball drop she was married. I told her shes a fantastic person but needed to be honest with people and figure out what she really wanted, Then I went to yellowstone with a friend I brought because she seemed a little shady.

    I hope this isn't the case with your guy Truely, Its possible hes just odd, Some people turn to online dating because they have ocd or other little disorders which makes meeting other people offline hard, Every woman I've met online told me she was manic depressive or depressed. Just giving an alternative good luck!
  5. Sandra Piddock

    Sandra Piddock New Member

    It could be more the case that he'd rather not exchange addresses until you've met in person. That's not unreasonable, really. Maybe something happened before that's made him wary of giving his address.

    It sounds like everything until now was fine - it's been three months after all, and this is the first problem you've run into. Respect his wishes and wait for the meeting. I'm sure once you're face to face you'll know if he's someone you want to spend more time with.
  6. Laurie McDermott

    Laurie McDermott New Member

    You are right: I love you - but I can't give you my address? We women love to 'think' "oh, there must be something else going on..." But be wise. Put a big note in your brain: this is not love. He has something else going on. He is hiding something. You can't love someone w/o being totally honest and open. Be careful. Be smart. If your gut is telling you something - listen to it! believe it!
  7. eve

    eve New Member

    sandra could also be right, maybe he just wants to meet you first before you can drop by unanounced, some people are like that.
    laure might have a point too, gutt feeling is often the right feeling....
  8. temptedstars

    temptedstars New Member

    I would go with Sandra on this, I mean no matter how long you talk to someone, until you meet them, you still don't actually know them. They could be anyone, not who they claim to be, so a chance he is trying to play it safe until he is for sure as well.
  9. Igetitnow

    Igetitnow New Member

    There is nothing called love. Only you can love yourself. Others will only be selfish rats looking to take advantage of you. You should understand this and not let anyone interfere with your life. Go for achieving your goals in life, and not something as silly and pointless as "love". It stresses you and gives you nothing in the end. Good luck!
  10. Don Quixote

    Don Quixote New Member

    First thing first. I don't think his saying he loves you after only knowing you online has no value whatsoever. The acid test will come when the two of you actually meet. That's assuming that the two of you will actually meet in the end. If he makes any kind of excuse to call off the meeting, then write him off.
  11. Igetitnow

    Igetitnow New Member

    Write the whole of humanity off. Full of unhelpful, dogmatic assholes..

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