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    This is my first time using something like this, but this situation has me stumped. I'll try to explain this the best way I can. So I recently graduated HS along with all my friends. Now one of them stayed back. He had moved to another city a few years back, so he had been going to a different school though I've talked to this person on a daily basis. One day, he came home from school frantically telling me that I had a "fangirl" at his school. Basically this person knew me from some projects I did on a few websites and an alias I went by. At the time, I was a bit confused. I was also skeptical. Then I get a video of the girl saying she was a fan of mine. My friend goes on to say she wanted to text me. For whatever reason, he only gave me the email address attached to her apple account so I could text her via iMessage. Problem is this didn't work. From here, I decided the next step would to be to get my phone number to her. So I did just that. After a while of nothing, I asked my friend about it. He said he didn't really know. More time passes, and it's now around the end of the year. Close to the last day of school, my friend tells me she's brought me up a few times over the past few days. I tried messaging her again to no avail. My friend graduated high school shortly after. A few days ago, she followed me on a gaming platform (which ironically has no way of sending or receiving messages between users). Now, the only way I have to contact this person is through facetime or voice chat using the apple account linked to the email I was given. My question now is should I call her? Has it been too long or should I just give it a shot?

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