What is love??

Discussion in 'Love and Relationship Jokes' started by priya23, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. priya23

    priya23 New Member

    Love is __________ ??
    1. Pain
    2. Blind
    3. Life
    4. Everything
    5. Drug
    6. Fake
    7. Nothing
    8. Time pass
    9. Don’t know
    10. Game
    11. beautiful feeling
    12. 0ther [Mention It]

    According to me love is life, what you think about it, Reply...
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  2. TABL

    TABL New Member

    I think love is all of these things, at one point or another. I don't think love is ever easy. But it's worth it!
  3. Kaybee517

    Kaybee517 New Member

    Love to me is I Corinthians 13. It covers everything. Love is what everyone wants.
  4. LoveAdmin

    LoveAdmin Administrator Staff Member

  5. shipramalik00

    shipramalik00 New Member


    I agree. Love is life.. love is a beautiful feelings....
  6. abc00poonam

    abc00poonam New Member

    Love is Everything.. Love is life and Love is beautiful feeling.:heartpump: :love_heart:
  7. theoceansofpeople

    theoceansofpeople New Member

    For me, love is when you reach the balance between heart and mind. I don't think love only stays on the heart, but on the mind as well.
  8. time2discover

    time2discover New Member

    I think love is the biggest high and the biggest low, and everything in between.

    Guess I'm agreeing with you that love is life, so long as it's the same thing for both.

    ACSAPA New Member

    Agreed, I think love can be all of these things throughout the course of your life. It's a complex feeling and it's not always happy because the people you love can be a source of heartbreak and sadness.
  10. vpresson

    vpresson New Member

    Love is everything! I choose this because love is all these things you listed and more. It can be pain it can be blind it can be like a drug it can be beautiful it's so many different emotions.
  11. CaptainWoodzy

    CaptainWoodzy New Member

    What is love? Baby don't hurt me..don't hurt me..no more.

    *Cue female background vocals.
  12. Kay

    Kay New Member

    Love is a beautiful feeling, because that's the literal meaning and that's how I think of it.
  13. dianet

    dianet New Member

    love is life
  14. punitbook

    punitbook New Member

    its game but life is also game so both are my answers because I don't believe that happens only one time
  15. briansuder

    briansuder New Member

    love make everyday special.love give good feeling
  16. aarohijaykarrr

    aarohijaykarrr New Member


    Love is everything because i think when you are in love then you will face all this situations that mentioned above.
  17. kaylahambrick

    kaylahambrick New Member

    I think that love is all of these plus a thousand more. Love can show any and every emotion, and can be the lowest of pains or the highest of highs. You never know, it depends on the people, the time, or the situation.
  18. cookiesandcream

    cookiesandcream New Member

    Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It conquers hate and fear. Love is when you are willing to put others before yourself.
  19. Lex Ken

    Lex Ken New Member

    It's a beautiful, amazing thing and something humans were blessed with the capacity to do.
  20. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    Love is Everything and Love is Nothing....

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