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Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by tido, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. tido

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    Im 16, He's 17. Basically I'm wondering if a boy would still talk to a girl if he had feelings for her after telling her that he made a mistake (2 days after break up), but then not mention it again in person. We still talk and walk to classes like we used to. How should I confront this? It has been about 5 days since the breakup. We were in a 5 month relationship and future college plans were discussed.
    Is he discouraged because I kind of ignored him in the morning, the day after he mentioned this? Or would he wait for a while and then bring this up? I really need advice. Thanks!
  2. sadum

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    It must have took him guts to admit he made a mistake, he might not be talking about it again in person because he is waiting on you to respond or tell him your side as well. If you feel you want him back no problem tell him you forgive him and go out together again.
  3. tido

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    thank you so much for the reply!

    during the chat i kind of told him i'm waiting for him even when he called himself dumb. When I told him that, he said that I was dumb for waiting for him even after that.
    He hasn't initiated contact online again after that. We normally didn't talk much online when dating though..
    But after those days he seemed to be more at peace and sleeping normally. We talk during school and flirt a bit.
    Even with this it isn't because he changed his mind?

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