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    I'm new and I would like to hear some suggestions. I am a younger guy, in my early 20's. I have this huge crush on my mother's friend, she is in her late 40's, from work. They know eachother well, and they are nice to eachother.

    Anyways, like I say I have this huge crush on this older woman. I would like to know how I can go about moving past my established relationship with her as just being friends. I want to take it slowly and do it right. Our friendship is due in part because of the fact that I take care of her car for her.

    I can, and have carried meaningful conversations with her. They have gotten to some flirtatious points, at times. We get along well. Even her dog loves me.

    She has 3 kids and is divorced. She considers herself single. She has dated younger guys before. So it seems she has no problem with the idea, but I would love to have that same chance with her. I would like to subtly work on the idea of a relationship.
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    Hi @carguy93

    Thanks for your post.

    I guess the first thing here is that - do you just have a crush on her and are wanting to have a bit of a fling with her? Or are you looking to actually be in a relationship with her?
    I know you have said already in this message that you want to subtly work on the idea of a relationship but I want you to really think about this one hard. Why?

    Getting into a relationship with an older person is a challenge in itself but to add to that, the complication of kids will further bring about other challenges for you - not to mention the kids themselves.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't do this - all i'm suggesting is you have a good think about this and ensure that you are completely ready for the entire package that comes your way if this was to go ahead.

    Does this make sense?

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    At this point. I am looking to flirt and have fun with and I just have a take on it that I'll see what happens.

    You ask why I would want to try. She is very attractive and she has her own life. I just love talking with her. She has a great personality and is very friendly.

    Her kids are all grown and they do not live with her. I agree that rushing this is ill advised. That is why I would like to work on friendship first and be reserved about it.
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    I think most people would shy away from a relationship with their friend's children, even if the child is now an adult. Anything can happen, however I would keep that in mind
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    Looking for answer
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