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    SkyGolf, the Programmers of SkyCaddie, the rangefinder in golfClubs, and U-blox, the maker of high performance customer GPSreceiver technologies, announce the development of TruePoint(TM) precision GPS technologies in an exclusive cooperation to presentunparalleled precision for golfers. The SkyCaddie(R) SG5 rangefinder utilizes GPS to reply the oldest question in golf, "how far?" , without needing markers orwasting time pacing off distances.
    It computes distances automatically providing golfers with the information that they shouldperform on more than 17,000 golf courses in over 45 nations. The SkyCaddie is like using a professional caddie at the palm of yourhand. SkyGolf's patented IntelliGreen(R) technologies also allows golfers to assess the full depth and shape of the green from anyangle of approach and quickly compute distances to up to 40 goals at one time, assisting golfers gauge distances to risks and pickthe best club for their next shot.

    In the heart of the SkyCaddie SG5's rich performance is a Custom-engineered GPS receiver out of Swiss GPS receiver IP makeru-blox. A combined engineering campaign between u-blox and SkyGolf led to the innovative positioning technology TruePoint(TM). Inthe SkyCaddie SG5, TruePoint(TM) provides placement accurate to under a meter and an ultra-fast time to first fix in a small,simple to use, hand-held device with exceptionally low power requirements.
    This breakthrough technology provides more accurateposition calculations than traditional GPS receivers used in consumer GPS devices designed for less demanding applications such ashiking, hunting, and much more. The positional jitter and drift, which are inherent to other GPS positioning products andprocedures, is virtually eliminated, leading to reproducible accuracy unique in consumer GPS devices. "We've always provided superior GPS placement in all Our goods and always try to continue improving our products beyond theseavailable to customers.
    We were looking for a high-precision, reliable GPS technologies for our newest golf rangefinder goods toprovide customers with the enhancements technology could bring to their own game. We selected u-blox due to their high performanceGPS engine and expertise, and incorporated u-blox specific receiver algorithms which culminated in TruePoint(TM) precision GPS.This brand new technologies, when used in conjunction with our high-precision golf course maps, provides golfers yet another levelof accuracy improvement they need to play smarter, faster and have more fun," explained Richard Edmonson, CEO in SkyGolf. amazon golf rangefinders

    The size of a mobile phone and weighing just in five ounces, the SkyCaddie SG5 is little enough to be worn on your belt just likea mobile phone and offers a huge variety of user-configurable possibilities, intuitive menus and a rechargeable lithium ionbattery for longer battery life. "This revolutionary device is set to revolutionize golfing in The years to come," explained Brad Sherrard, Vice President Sales atu-blox America, Inc. "The combination of SkyGolf's IntelliGreen technology, which Offers users a person's view of the green andlots of intuitive functions, and U-blox' highly accurate and reliable GPS technology, with its own exclusive TruePoint(TM)precision GPS technology empowers the SG5 to calculate distances With unmatched precision.

    This makes the SG5 the perfectcompanion for amateur And professional golfers alike."SkyGolf Is a private firm specializing in the creation of innovative positioning Systems specifically designed for use on a golfprogram. The systems, designed For golfers, are both accurate and simple to use. SkyGolf is leading a revolution That will alterthe way golfers play the sport. Presently, over 17,000 Courses, including 90% of all 18-hole facilities in North America aremaking The advantages of SkyGolf's SkyCaddie accessible to their members and guests.

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    Hello dear,
    Only you can gauge your relationship, based on how much you can tolerate the bad times. Each one has their own level of tolerance and patience. Now, almost many relationships have their downtimes, leaving someone insecure. Once he commits perhaps this insecurity may fade to some extent.
    You have put a lot into this relaitonship, perhaps you are feeling tired abt this; do take time off for yourself, with your friends, family and hobbies when you can, so you dont feel burned out.
    If you let him go fully it may not be the same again, someone else can enter his life. Do give enough time to care for yourself and allow him to care for you also. And see how it goes with time. You both can go for a couples retreat.

    Meditation and yoga helps in centering yourself and being grounded with self and higher level of consciousness.

    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and GOD CAN bring you love and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that
    positive karma/action will bring love into your life.

    Do browse thru the website.
    Wish you the best,

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