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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by Jessicajones84, Sep 11, 2017.

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    I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years about a year ago. I suddenly realised I'm ready to meet someone and have fun. The only problem is is that I am overweight & feel unattractive so am currently losing weight (So far 20 pounds!). I thought I'd join a few apps to have a look around but didn't feel ready to actyally date. I've put up pics down to my kneck only. Anyway, I met this amazing guy who was messaging me every day for over a month. He's gorgeous and lovely. We've talked about so much and I really enjoy waking up to his messages everyday. Only prob is I know he's getting a Bit impatient about meeting (understandable) & I think it would be so unattractive to say why. It's not that I'm just a little bit overweight - I have another 40 pounds to lose!! I just don't feel confident to meet him. It's about my self esteem and feeling able to be myself - not about him liking my body. I've never met anyone as amazing as him who I can talk about sci fi, jazz & literature and worry about how much I do actually like him. To add to that, he's 24 and I'm 33 .. but he has blown me away! It was so exciting talking to each other and it seemed he would only log in to WhatsApp to talk to me. It was his birthday party the other day and since then, he has messaged, but I see him online a lot. Sometimes quickly logging in and out and not reading my messages as soon as he sees them. Which leads me to think he is now talking to another girl. Shall i just suck it up and meet him at this size? Or shall I cut my losses and put this down to experience. I can't believe how jealous I feel over him being online to someone else lol. But then again that means he couldn't have been that interested in the 1st place. So gutted to miss out. By the way, I'm well aware how creepy and obsessive this sounds! Any advice would be appreciated.
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    "...By the way, I'm well aware how creepy and obsessive this sounds! "... - well, yap, sounds just like that :) Anycase, just be relaxed, work on losing weight and don't wary too much...

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