Which is your favorite Cartoon character?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by poojasaini, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. poojasaini

    poojasaini Banned

    Hello Friends,

    I like Tom and Jerry share your favorite cartoon character.
  2. ReinaDia

    ReinaDia New Member

    Mine is probably Chowder. It's a newer generation cartoon. For some reason it doesn't come on any more
  3. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    I'm going to have to say Scooby Doo is my favorite :D
  4. Trellum

    Trellum New Member

    Daria, she reminds me a lot of myself back when I was a teen. It's a very interesting character, if you analyze it in depth, because she might seem like totally uninterested to fit in at all, but in reality she is very afraid of rejection. That was me back when I was a teen, I behaved like I didn't care what the others thought, but I was actually a very insecure girl.
  5. labialover

    labialover Member

    Agreed, and Miss Piggy :)
  6. pandandesign

    pandandesign New Member

    I would say Misty from the very first Pokemon TV show. I like her battle style.
  7. Wrangler Jane

    Wrangler Jane New Member

    Turanga Leela (is my nerd showing?)
  8. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    Curious George is my favorite :) I love George and all the adventures he ends up getting himself into. It is such as sweet show. I actually look forward to watching it with my 2 year old son now.
  9. nat_77

    nat_77 New Member

    I love the shows from 70s and 80s. My favorite cartoon character is definitely Atom Ant and Popeye! I'm always glued to the tv whenever the show is on!
  10. pandandesign

    pandandesign New Member

    I remember I watched this cartoon show on PBS kids when I was young. It teaches you a lot of life lessons. I enjoy watching the show!
  11. vicrattlehead

    vicrattlehead New Member

    Homer Simpson. Also, Goku back when I was a kid
  12. randee555

    randee555 New Member

    I don't have one favorite character but I can name a few. Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, Garfield, Bugs Bunny, Bart Simpson, etc. There are so many I've loved over the years but it would be a very long list to name them all right now.
  13. Chris_A

    Chris_A New Member

    Lots of Superhero characters are among my favorites. To name a few. Batman, Superman, Wolverine, the Avengers, also the Justice League. Recently I started to really like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Also, Samurai Jack and the Swat Cats. To many to name. :D
  14. latoya0511

    latoya0511 New Member

    I love mickey mouse i always have. I even have a tattoo of him. Every since i was a child i have had mickey items so it stuck with me.
  15. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    I like Tom & Jerry, Popeye and The looney tunes show..
  16. zaerine

    zaerine New Member

    I used to watched lots of anime/cartoon shows before. I have several favorite anime/cartoon characters.
    Just like Popeeye, Son Gokou, Zenki and Dexter.
  17. ACSAPA

    ACSAPA New Member

    My favorite cartoon characters are Ryuko Matoi form Kill La Kill and Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan.
    They are both strong characters with willpower who can fight 100 enemies without giving up or running away.
    Both of them have experienced death and loss and grown up because of it.
  18. Glcameron

    Glcameron New Member

    My favorite cartoon character is Porky Pig. I love him. I know it seems odd but I always loved watching him at the beginning of all the cartoons when they came on and at the end.
  19. Promarged36

    Promarged36 Member

    My favorite cartoon character is FELIX THE CAT
  20. Jennifer465

    Jennifer465 New Member

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