Who Do You Love

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  1. thetalt

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    Who do you love

    Who do you love?
    Question that I ask myself
    at times when I was hurting
    and I felt all alone.

    Who do you love?
    Person that I'm hoping
    so uncertain
    If the need I feel is totally wrong.

    So who do you love?
    Told myself my father loves me
    Momma said the love you need
    you already own.

    But who do you love?
    I recognize the surface of the person
    that I'm loving
    I have already known.

    I'm in love with me.
    First person to be loved importantly.
    And when I learn to love myself with all.
    Then I turn to loving you even more.
  2. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    Its really nice buddy... :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
  3. LoveAdmin

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    Do you know that your signature says you are not committed to your girlfriend? Just wondering
  4. susanwalters

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    Because I had learned so much about myself, the relationship was not based on my need to fulfill an unfulfilled heart. This time I was able to be loved for me, all of me, and enjoy it and not be desperate for the love.This positive love that now fills my heart and my world is available to every single one of us.
  5. Promarged36

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    Wow it's so nice especially the the last part . It touches my heart and realize something :clapping:
  6. suri1100134

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    so nice. do you fall in love right now?

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