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    Ok I need help. I honestly feel guilty about ALL of this and it makes me go against all that I believe in. Ok well I been dating this guy for almost 4years. My two daughters 4&5 see him as their dad (their real dad passed years ago so they don't really know him). And he's honestly a GOOd man. Takes care of his responsibilities, makes sure we have everything, making plans as in building houses for us etc. he also has 5 other kids who live with us full time, and they see me as their mom as well. Well about couple weeks ago this guy messaged me. Now this guy me and him hadhistory. He's someone where we ALWAYS had a strong connection with one another but it was never the right timing. We still feel this connection 7 years later, which is weird to me thatwe still have that strong feeling by the way. And me and my boyfriend I'm with now I feel like I'm settling with him and that I know he will always do us right and be good to us. But would you leave after being with him for almost 4 years for a guy you never had a relationship with but always had strong connection with for 7?? And the fact that the one I'm with currently I feel as if I bore him, or our connection is not so strong. But I would be heart broken to break his heart after all he does for us . I'm torn on what to do.
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    It sounds to me when you say "you'd be heartbroken to break his heart" and that he does so much for you. It doesn't seem like enough for you. You've been eith this guy for 4 years and don't really have a strong connection. Do you see yourself in his future? That is the question you need to answer first. But then again what happens of you do decide to leave him? And this curiosity of what could happen with this other guy cause problems. At the end of the day it is all about the kids aswell. Does this other guy like kids? Would he be that excepting like this one you're with now. Maybe have a conversation with the guy you're with now about feelings and what you both want for each other. Hope I helped in some odd way. Goodluck!

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