Why did my gf delete her Chat History

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by To Love, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. To Love

    To Love New Member

    Recently My GF shared her desktop with me and I noticed that her ex boyfriend had sent her some message on Skype in the Chat Notifications.I asked my gf whether her ex had messaged on Skype and she said No . I told her I have seen her Chat Notifications though i didnt read the Instant messages . She then deleted her Chat History and said that the ex's mother needed some important advice and her ex had IM'ed her to thank her for the help.
    Today I asked her to show me the Chat History and she said she had deleted the history right then .
    Should I continue to trust her blindly ?
    She has repeatedly asked me to have faith in her .
  2. nash22

    nash22 New Member

    Has she cheated on you before? I would continue to have faith in her. Maybe she just like having her privacy and doesn't want anyone to read it. Ask her if something is wrong or why does she delete her chats, if she wants to be trusted. Communicate with each other.
  3. To Love

    To Love New Member

    Nope I dont think that She has Cheated. I Live in a different City So I have to go by whatever She tells me. I Shared her desktop on Internet . I told her not to break my trust and she said that Such things as Faith cant be asserted in words.She has promised not to break my trust .
  4. claudine

    claudine New Member

    I think you shouldn't worry about it. There is a reason he is her ex and you are her boyfriend. She choosed you. She wouldn't be with you unless she loves you, right? She doesn't have a reason to lie, maybe she didn't tell you about it in the first place only because she didn't want you to get jelous or worry when there is no reason for that.
  5. Don Quixote

    Don Quixote New Member

    Doesn't sound too good to me. However if I were you, I would let it go. This time. Next time, if it happens again, then you will have to re-examine the whole relationship with her.
  6. Sandra Piddock

    Sandra Piddock New Member

    The fact that she shared her desktop with you suggests that she has nothing to hide. When you went off on the question and answer session, she probably thought she had a jealous guy on her hands, and that's why she deleted her chat history. It doesn't really matter - you're making it more important than it is. Give her some space, and resist the urge to question everything she does. You don't own her, and just because she chats with someone, it doesn't mean there's something bad going down.
  7. lovelee21

    lovelee21 New Member

    honestly when you look for the bad in people you will find it.
  8. allswl

    allswl New Member

    in a relationship its mostly about trust and whether she has done anything wrong or not it boils down to trust. Do you trust her? If you do not what evidence do you have for not trusting her. Her deleting her conversations is not a big thing. Look on this way, when you are out by yourself how does she know that you are not chatting to another woman on your phone, online, or even in person? Keep in mind also her conversations with anyone is private unless she chooses to share them with you. Also not because she broke up with her ex means that she must not speak to him or his family. I still talk to most of my exes and I even go to their parents home every now and then and sit and talk, it doesn't mean anything more than that.
  9. taskeinc

    taskeinc New Member


    "She then deleted her Chat History and said that the ex's mother needed some important advice and her ex had IM'ed her to thank her for the help."


    Dude, if you said the exact same thing to a woman about your ex-girl, that her "mother needed some important advice, and your ex emailed you to Thank You," that woman would look at you like you are CRAZY.

    First of all, why, of all people, would an ex-mate's Mom ask the ex-girlfriend for advice? It doesn't make sense, just like if you used that excuse it would not make sense to ANY WOMAN.

    I don't suggest you keep bringing it up because it will get you no where. You'll end up in an argument, you'll get the crocodile tears, and you will be the one apologizing.

    Let it go, make sure you are keeping your house in order. In other words, make sure you're not cheating on her because if you do, your conscious will begin playing tricks on you. Everything that she does, you will think she's cheating because you will have cheated. It happens all the time. That's why the most jealous guys in the world are those that cheat on their significant others.

    If you're clean, not cheating, and she is, it will be revealed to you and you will not need to snoop around to find out.
  10. btatro

    btatro New Member

    I believe in trusting people until they give you proof not to, BUT this also throws up red flags for me all over the place. If there was nothing to hide it never should have had to be deleted. If it truly was only a thank you, it would have been easy to just show you and "prove" that's all it was. Things should not have to be proven like that in a relationship, but when it comes to exes and questions etc, sometimes it is just better to show/tell/talk about everything.... instead of allowing those little questions to linger around, even if you DO trust her.
  11. AnonaMoss

    AnonaMoss New Member

    Maybe she didn't want you to be jealous. Still, it's not a great sign when someone lies about talking to an ex. I would just keep an eye on her behavior. While you don't have any proof that she is cheating, her behavior is quite odd. Don't let her know that you are suspicious of her, just observe. her actions. If it happens again, then you'll know that she may not be over her ex boyfriend.

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