why is she so jealous ?

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  1. LonlyGuy

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    This is about a girl I know. She gets jealous when I'm interacting with other girls when tho we are not together. Once when we went out, I was about to kiss another girl, she gives me a very bad look as if I have done something very wrong, then turn to her and scream at her that he is mine. or the other evening we were sitting next to each other and I was texting another girl. she said something like "I hoping you are texting a colleague" I told her no I'm texting another girl. then she got very upset and left the room.

    So why would you think she is getting so jealous when I'm interacting with another girl ?
  2. ThisGirl 231

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    She might have feelings for you. Have you talked to her and made it clear that you just see her as a friend? You may inadvertently be giving her mixed signals. Just make it clear to her and she should understand. I know guys who have girl friends and those girls are really over protective of their guy friends, she may just be taking it a step too far. If my guy friends want to make out or text other girls i don't care about it but i do give them my opinion on the girl. Just have a conversation about how you feel and that she is just a friend to you. If you are giving her mixed signals that must stop because you're just playing with her feelings.

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