Wife always falls asleep after orgasm

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by Ragnarok, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok New Member

    I'm married 17 years or so and am lying awake as once again my wife is asleep next to me as I lie here unsatisfied.

    If she comes first she always gets really tired and generally falls asleep quickly afterwards.

    Does this happen to other woman? It seems that is either my orgasm or hers - not both.

    I always thought this was what the men did while the women wanted multiple orgasms. It always seems that if I don't come first I will always be left disappointed, but if I do, she won't ever get to come.

    However, she doesn't seem took mind if she comes or not and always asks me why I hold back when I'm close - usually as I want to prolong the experience. But I often end up regretting doing that as if I wait too long she'll get tired and want to go to sleep before I'm done - and not care if I've come or not. If she gets that wave of tirednes, it's all over.

    I've tried getting going earlier in bed but if makes no difference - once she's in bed that's it. But frustratingly ages quite happy took safety up later watching television.

    She's generally happy to have sex one a week - sometimes more, sometimes less and it doesn't bother her. I want more and by now she's fine with me masturbating next to her in bed - she'll fetch the tissue for me if there isn't one ready and every now and then she's happy to catch my cum and swallow. But I'd like to masturbate less and have more sex, but she's always tired, or not feeling well enough - she often has stomach issues - (IBS).

    I am not sure what to do. I've said I'd like to have more sex but it doesn't seem to make much difference to her.

    Once again I have to lie awake and either finish myself off now so I can get to sleep or try and ignore my erection and do it in the morning...
  2. Trish Maine

    Trish Maine New Member

    i really admire you for your capabilities to prolong the experience (few men manage it). i also feel the need to sleep once i climax but not to the extent of leaving my man finishing himself besides me, but i wouldn't say she is not normal. she maybe leaving you to finish off thinking that you do not have any problem with it. from your descriptions you seem to have quite an open relationship which is good, so my advice is to involve more communication so that she understands that you need more sex than masturbation. my best advice for you is to start having what are called spoiling sessions which you will find that they are ideal for the kind of relationship you have. Read here for step by step instruction, but in short: A spoiling session is a pre-determined amount of time where one partner (the recipient) gets to have whatever they want done to them/on them/for them, as long as those things fall within the realm of comfort for the giving partner.

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