will she loves me.

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    Hii frndzz…. She was my neighbour. Her age is 35.she was married 10 years ago. I had her personal number. No one know that num till now. One day I said her I like her ass. She said nothing… I askd wht do u like in me??? She said I like ur honesty. Then one I sent my nude photos… then she didnt even scold me… we use to talk in phone always about sex. She also know that I musturb every day… even one called her n musturbed there it self. I use to praise her everyday then she says me cool…. One I became sooo mad n I said the truth that I saw u nude at 2 yrs back. Then she scolded me stupid. That night I proposed her in text message that I love her. Next day morning when I sent I want to kiss her. Then she use to text me to stop it. As I was mad on her I still proceeded furthur.. Then called me n scolded me. After that one I said sorry. Then she said its ok. Then I thought I got green signal n I use text that I love her then she use to say plse stop it. Then again I use to say sorry. It became a daily routine. I dnt wheather she loves me or not. I want her on my bed…. I was unable to controll my lust on her. Plse help me frndzzz…..
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    Yeah buddy, lust is a great feeling, however you need to balance your sense of dignity and self worth against desire otherwise you will step over into boundaries of anger and frustration. If you reduce your ego, and become more humble and in tune with who she is, you may find something worth while. Um, other than that, if they manage to reduce you to a slobbering fool, there is a great chance that they will cause you a signficant amount of pain anguish and despair, so, watch out for that one if you can.

    Hope that helps. Focus on empathy and the ego. Freud stuff.

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